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To whom it may concern: Heartland Healthy Heads was such a blessing! My daughter and I were greeted warmly and the atmosphere was fun and friendly. The ladies were kind and patient with all our questions and concerns. It was more like a day at the spa instead of treating pests of the hair. Would definitely recommend this business to anyone needing help dealing with head lice. Thanks so much!!*

AbigailIndependence, MO

I had a great experience at Heartland Healthy Heads. I discovered lice on both myself and my son. The environment is very comfortable and the process of removing the lice was much less stressful than if I had tried to do it by myself. The staff is kind and knowledgeable and provides you with the information that you need to get and stay lice free. I highly recommend Heartland Healthy Heads!*

SarahShawnee, KS

We had SUCH a great experience here! They were incredibly knowledgeable about lice and proper treatment, and were able to tailor a treatment to our needs, instead of just trying to convince us to use their most expensive treatment. They were also able to educate us about how to prevent lice from returning. They are incredibly friendly and genuine. It truly made an ugly, stressful situation of recurring lice so much more tolerable. We honestly enjoyed our time there. In addition to treating my 10-year-old’s mild case, they did a head check on my one-year-old and they were wonderful with him; he loved them! We have used other lice treatment centers in KC, and left unsatisfied. They are absolutely the best center around!*

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JennyLawrence, KS

Dear Cherie and Susan, We came to you with a problem no one wants to face and you both were so kind and reassuring from the moment we walked through the doors. I just knew we had come to the right place. You explained the process of the new machine (Airalle’) and even though it cost a little more, it was worth it! We have been lice free since that day. I am so impressed not only with that machine, but the time, effort and courteousness you have shown us in the follow-up visit, which was included in the first price. We got to talking and I mentioned my home childcare and you offered to check each family at a discounted rate! Let me say, I have been working for 35 years and I have never met a more comforting, positive and caring people than you. Good luck in your new location- Keep us on your mailing list. Laura- Love n Laughter Childcare.*

LauraOlathe, KS

My daughter came home from school one day and whispered to me that she thought she had lice. Ugh! She’d been itching for weeks. I periodically checked her head to see if she had lice, but I had no idea what lice looked like.

Lice never appear at a convenient time! I wanted those bugs gone and gone NOW! The only lice removal place was clear across town…way out of my usual pathway. My husband happened to drive by Heartland Healthy Heads one day and recommended I check there for treatment. Within five minutes, my daughter and I were in the car and on our way. We were really glad we did! In fact, they treated our entire family. The Heartland Healthy Heads team was sensitive to our concerns, knew just how to treat it for long-term success and gave our family an education about lice so we can prevent this from happening again!

The process was easy and reassuring. The decor is comfortable and inviting (especially for my kids). Most importantly, the customer service is exceptional! No more store bought treatments for us. For our family, our best and only choice is Heartland Healthy Heads!*

CarolynOlathe, KS

To my dismay, my daughter was infected with lice at school. Heartland healthy heads was recommended to me by a family friend and I turned to them for help. I couldn’t be happier with the service we received to rid ourselves of this problem.

The staff is very professional and their facility was very inviting and welcoming. Knowing that Sherri is a nurse practitioner made me feel comfortable to trust her knowledge of such matters. The thoroughness with which they clean strand by strand with non-toxic sprays is also a welcome notion. You get to go back for recheck after the initial visit as part of the treatment to help ensure nothing was left behind.

Thank you Heartland healthy heads for your amazing care! I have already recommended you to others as well!!*

Sincerely, Lucy

LucyOlathe, KS
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